"If a child has been able in his play to give up his whole loving being to the world around him, he will be able, in the serious tasks of later life, to devote himself with confidence and power to the service of the world."

~Rudolf Steiner

LINDEN TREE LEARNING is a Waldorf-Inspired enrichment program for home-schooled students.  Our program cultivates connection through creativity and storytelling that sparks the imaginations of students in a supportive “whole child” environment.  Our unique enrichment program is centered in a child’s physical, mental,emotional and social development; which includes listening, following directions, resolving issues with others, and taking care of their communities and each other. 



Our program is located at 740 Joann, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.  

Our phone number is (657) 204-2544.

We can be reached via email at: info@lindentreelearning.org