Our Transitional and Traditional Kindergarten Monday and Wednesday 8:45am-1:45pm drop-off enrichment program for home-schooled students cultivates creativity, imagination and initiative through play, baking, storytelling, movement, household arts, painting, immersive language, and time outdoors in nature. Children develop skills in listening, following directions, getting along with others and taking care of their environment. We consider the importance of meeting the children "where they are,” in an effort to partner with families in building a strong foundation. The curriculum is designed to enhance the young child’s physical development, which includes fine and gross motor skills, language development and sensory integration. Aspiring to allow for time working with natural materials (such as wood, wool, water, beeswax and sand) gives children sensory experiences that will help them develop a keen sense of the world around them. In addition, the activities are structured to strengthen the child’s social skills, sense of self-confidence, and love of learning. At LINDEN TREE LEARNING, we believe, all of these aspects are important for the stage of child development between the ages of TK eligible students through traditional-aged Kindergartners and therefore see the benefit of staying true to a Waldorf-Inspired approach.